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Linux App Summit 2019 Photo Albums

Photos help us share memories and also will help us promote LAS. This in turns helps us attract new participants and sponsors alike. So, by submitting photos, you're contributing to making our community great! :)


Please make sure that you are sharing photos of people who have given you their permission. We have tried to simplify things by asking attendees to wear colored lanyards so that you have a better idea of whether or not they are ok with your taking and sharing photos of them. However, if someone asks you to remove a photo of them for any reason, please do so.


You are welcome to add a custom license to your photos. In the interest of promoting LAS, we suggest:

Share Your Photos Here

Linux App Summit 2019 Conference Albums

Please add photos to these albums that you're ok with us sharing under the CC0 public domain license. If you want to share on this album, but want to share under a different license, please make sure you somehow put a note on the picture. We suggest sharing those photos separately though, and posting your album to this wiki.

Attendees Albums

Please add a link to your album here.

LAS Barcelona 2019

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