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Organizer: Camila (

A web hub to find help to create applications for Linux desktops - KDE, Gnome, … - and/or how to port your existing Windows/Mac OS application to Linux.

The end goal is to have a simple Github page to get started with and then improve it from there. At the moment the initial repo is here:


Why in 2019 we still have to explain to people what Linux is? Why it is so hard to switch from Windows/Mac OS to Linux? We need more Linux applications! In order to have more Linux applications we need to make the life of Linux developers easier! We need to make the life of users easier by giving them a seamless experience when using a Linux Desktop. They should be able to find all the applications they need to do their work in all platforms. Linux should not be an exception for Adobe applications or for Microsoft applications.

Questions to answer

These questions should be published in the soon to be website to help Linux developer or soon to be Linux developers:

- Why include Linux in the supported platforms of your applications?

- How to create a Linux Application?

- How to port your existing application to a Linux Desktop?

- How to package my application for a Linux Desktop?

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